Foam Light manufacturing Boxes Our solution

Custom corrugated cartons

Same day delivery if ordered by 12:00 CST.
If you are looking for a custom corrugated box, Honeycorr can design, produce, inventory and ship your product to you in a very timely fashion.



Kitting involves the preparation of production systems or “kits” either to streamline a manufacturing process or to facilitate the final assembly of semi-knocked-down (SKD) products. Kitting can be as simple as combining a specified quantity of production parts into a container or as complex as organizing thousands of parts into a highly-ordered system for product assembly. At Honeycorr our kitting solutions include both the “inbound” and “outbound” sides of the manufacturing process:



Companies looking to outsource their Inventory Warehousing will find Honeycorr is the ideal partner for warehouse management. Honeycorr has the ability to serve inventory warehousing opportunities of any size, locally. Our inventory management experts show you how your company can save you money by outsourcing your warehouse operations. Our warehouse outsourcing services allow you to focus on growing your business by leaving the inventory management details to us.


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