Wood crates Wood crates

Wood crates

Wood crates

Honeycorr has the capability to manufacture, design, or build to your own specifications, almost any type of crates of any size and shape to meet your one time or production needs.

All of our crates can be custom fitted with Styrofoam to protect your cargo from rubbing against the wood. In this case add two inches to the inside dimensions for one inch of foam all around your item. In cases where your item has odd angles or voids, we can custom fit foam to protect your items and provide blocking to hold everything in place.

We are registered to build certifiable crates for exporting overseas.  We can stamp the crates to certify that they are heat treated (HT) to meet the new IPPC-ISPM15 standards and issue certificate to allow the exporter of goods to attest to the fact that coniferous material had been heat treated by being subject to a minimum a core temperature of 56°C for 30 minutes.

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