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Need to outsource your fulfillment services : direct to consumer, batch and scalability...

It's as Simple as... Handing it Over

Honeycorr exists to help customers grow their businesses faster and more cost-efficiently than they could do on their own. Our unique value comes when we combine our skills and tools with an extraordinary level of industry knowledge, responsiveness and dedication to customer satisfaction. Here are some of the advantages you'll realize when you team up with Honeycorr:

  • No Minimum daily weekly or monthly order commitments
  • Direct point-of-contact who has the authority to give you accurate quotes and amazing customer service.
  • Every order is guaranteed to fulfill on time and with 100% accuracy, or your money back
  • Customized inventory tracking to maximize manufacturing efficiency
  • Simplify business processes by handing over packing, shipping and order fulfillment to the experts
  • Reduce overhead through outsourcing non-core fulfillment functions
  • Improve customer service to build loyalty and improve retention
  • Daily statistics and data allow you make better decisions more quickly
  • Eliminate credit card charge backs via Delivery Confirmation Services and Return Processing

Direct to Consumer Specialists

Although we are able to provide services for retail distribution, Honeycorr specializes in DIRECT TO CONSUMER BATCH FULFILLMENT. Since our focus is on the consumer in lieu of the retailer, you can rest assured that your customer's order will not be deferred to accommodate a freight shipment to Wal-Mart. At Honeycorr, we pride ourselves not only in our clients' satisfaction, but also in YOUR customers' satisfaction. We understand that the manner in which we handle your fulfillment is a direct reflection on your company, so it is our responsibility to assist you in making the best impression on your end user.


A unique feature of Honeycorr is that we have NO MINIMUM daily, weekly, or monthly order requirements. We are willing to stand by you through every stage of your company's growth, and would like to establish a lifelong business relationship. With our versatile staffing capabilities, we have the ability to adjust to your growing shipping needs, which can be managed easily and without interruptions. Communication is the key to our mutual success.

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